Friday, April 8, 2011

It only takes a spark...

I am realizing that there is some irony in the fact that I make my living organizing things, but when it comes to my house, I'm hopeless. If only Melvil Dewey had invented an organizational scheme for household items! I know there are catalogers out there that spend their home time alphabetizing spices (the topic comes up often in our listservs), but I am not that kind of cataloger. My spices are on their own in the cabinets, and I would say I have a good, working kitchen. But these are not the things with which I struggle. My battle is with all the other stuff in the house. The stuff stuff that usually has no practical purpose unlike most of the things found in the kitchen.

There is one exception to this in our kitchen: the phone corner. It's been a constant struggle in our house.
You'll notice that under all that stuff, there is one of those nifty charger stations that we bought years ago in order to wrangle all of our chargers. Notice how many things are plugged into the thing? I'll help: zero. Here's where some of the chargers are:
Not really beautiful, right (and yes, that is the floor)?

So this morning, I decided to attack this corner once and for all (yeah, right!). I started shortly after 10 am, put in my new Francesca Battistelli CD (her "This is the stuff" seemed particularly apropos), and got to work with the knowledge that I had a phone meeting at 11. Forty or so minutes later, we have this:
Much better, don't you think? I even made fancy, schmancy folder things for the two types of paper that accumulate in this corner: bills and take out menus. The husband almost fainted when he walked downstairs for lunch :-) I haven't picked the next corner yet, but the house is starting to feel that I mean business.


  1. NICE JOB!!! I need your help at my house!

  2. Can you do my house next?

    Cheryl (Gloria's daughter- She married Bill B.)

  3. You know, it would probably be much easier to clean another person's house. I have no problems throwing other people's stuff away :-)

  4. Is that two of the same picture, or slightly different ones? Good work!

  5. Awesome! We have a couple organizers too (I especially love our bill sorter) yet most things get the dump on our kitchen table...then gets moved over to the "4th person" chair since we have just 3! ;)