Thursday, March 24, 2011

Uses for the library

ALA (American Library Association for those outside the field) just announced it's Library of the Future award winner: Orange County Library System. That's Orange County Florida, thank you very much. Somewhat prophetically, the award was given because of the OCs plethora of technology classes offered each month. That made me think of why I go to my local library.

1. To check out craft books. If you haven't noticed, craft books can be quite expensive. I do not have the money to feed my crafting book addictions, so to the library I go. The last time I was there, I was actually a bit disappointed with the selection (I was looking for cross stitch books). I think I concluded that the reason that they didn't have any new cross stitch books is because the craft isn't as popular as it once was. They had plenty of new quilting books... which I also checked out. I like to dream about crafts I will never start.

2. To attend programs given by the Children's Department. Ironic, right, since I don't have any children. It's true, though, because whenever my sister comes to visit, we check out what's going on at the library. We get movies, find books to read, and go to the summer movie program the library offers. When my niece stayed with us last summer, we did the same thing. I even attended a story time with a former co-worker to get some ideas for the story time I used to lead (we called ahead first to make sure it was ok that two women with no children showed up). I strongly believe that allowing children to have fun times at the library will help assure the presence of libraries into the future. And yes, I also strongly believe that libraries will transition to find a place in the future. Doctor Who even says so:

3. To check out audio books. I have a long commute now. I wanted something to keep my mind busy while in the car. I was a bit disappointed to discover that our library does not actively purchase new audiobooks. I was forced to check out the Young Adult audiobook collection to find something I would enjoy.

Why do you go to your library? Or why don't you go to your library?