Friday, February 25, 2011

Crafting Notions and Office Supplies

Part of the curse of crafting and cataloging is a strong connection with notions and office supplies. With all of the crafts that I do, I often count down the days until Joann Fabric and Craft Stores has their half off notions wall sales. And who can catalog items without processing them and that requires all sorts of labels and tape and scissors and pencils... I love it.

So, some of you may be wondering what a "notion" actually is. You could head over to Wikipedia for a quick definition (I knew Wikipedia would be useful). Basically, a notion is anything that helps make your crafting job a little easier or more interesting. This can include things like buttons, threads, scissors, and snaps (although Joann has separate sales for the first three). And now for a list of a few of my favorite notions:
  • Dritz Super Seamer Ruler - This little gem is a life saver for hems and checking seams. And even after all the times I've accidentally ironed over the thing, it's never melted!
  • Gingher 4 inch featherweight thread snips - Gingher scissors are worth every penny, and these are fantastic. I keep them right next to my machine (unless I'm working on a cross stitch) so I'm ready whenever I need to snip some threads or small pieces of fabric.
  • Pattern weights - This link isn't to the specific weights that I have, but I really like Sewing with Nancy, so you can explore her site while you're there. I picked mine up in a thrift store; the workers didn't even know what a gem they had! I hate, hate, hate pinning patterns. These make cutting patterns so much more enjoyable. A quick Google search shows a bunch of different ideas for making your own.

On to office supplies... I recently won a $100 gift certificate to Gaylord, one of the library supply vendors in existence. First off, I would like to say how surprised I was that I even won. I stuck my business card in a bucket at a vendor show, and then I got the marvelous email. I never win anything! I was overwhelmed with the possibilities that the Gaylor catalog held for shopping. Should I be practical and buy paper? Should I be completely impractical and buy myself a small book cart? I think I got a little of both.
And my all time most favorite work tool? A bone folder. These wonderful little tools are great for pressing on labels and making a permanent crease in paper. This is also a great tool for crafting. You can use it when you're using a hot glue gun and irons to avoid burns.

If you had a $100 to spend, what notions and or office supplies would you buy?

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